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Demand consequences: Citizen action

Updated: Apr 22


In the wake of the events on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 – and all that led up to it – it is imperative to urge our lone Congressman, Dusty Johnson, to join a bipartisan effort to impeach Donald Trump. Talking points that could possibly sway Johnson:

  1. If a foreign leader had incited this violence against our Congress we would not let it go unpunished.

  2. This action was a danger to our national security.

  3. If we do nothing now, we will see this again in the future. Next time, it might be successful.

  4. Taking action is important for our democracy and the safety and sanctity of our State and National seats of government.

It was suggested by one of our former commissioners that you reach out to Johnson staffer Andrew Christianson with your message: And, as a phone call to an elected official often carries more weight than an email, please call Johnson’s offices in

  1. Washington, DC at (202) 225-2801 or

  2. Sioux Falls at (605) 275-2868

Further action to take!

We need to hold Kristi Noem accountable for her slander of all the good folks who feel we elected two honorable Senators from Georgia who are not “communists”. She insulted all of us with that statement. She also insulted our teachers:

“Meanwhile, the left’s indoctrination takes place every day with kids all across America from the time they walk into a school at age 5 to the time they graduate college at 22.” Kristi Noem, Republican National Committee speech, January 8, 2021

Contact Noem’s chief of staff at to call Noem out on her incendiary words.

Hold our media accountable

The South Dakota Democratic Party and our legislative leaders have reached out to the media about this, but we have seen little response. That, too, is unacceptable. Reach out to members of the media and inquire why there is so little coverage of the Democratic Party in South Dakota when we actively share our perspective. Remind them more than just Republicans live in this state, and we deserve equal coverage. You are the consumers, and you deserve to be represented, too. Minnehaha County is home to South Dakota’s largest news organizations.

  1. Argus Leader, Cory Myers, News Director Phone: 605-331-2389 Email: Letter to the Editor:

  2. KELOLAND, Beth Jensen, News Director Phone: (605) 336-1100 Email:

  3. Dakota News Now (KSFY/KDLT), Jim Berman, President & General Manager Phone: 605-373-7313 Email:

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