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Take a deep breath. Then take action.

Updated: Apr 22

I just returned from a week away with my husband. His work sometimes makes it hard to get time off, but he got a break in his schedule and we went. We had no cell phone coverage for days and hiked a strenuous hike to 12,013 feet to remind us what we are capable of accomplishing through hard work. Although our time away was rewarding, I was quickly brought back to the seriousness of our current situation when I got back to a cell coverage area.

First, I learned of the tragic death of Joseph Boever due to carelessness by Attorney General Ravnsborg. I have known the Boever family since childhood. They are a great family and, no matter the outcome, the AG was careless. When have you hit an animal while driving and not know what you hit? I’ll be watching this case closely. Was the AG on a cell phone texting, or drinking, or tired? What led to this needless tragedy? And what will the GOP do when the truth comes out?

Then, I learned of the death of my hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG knew that change occurs through the system and that confidence, intelligence, and determination will bring it, even though it takes time. Now we are faced with the hypocrisy of our two senators. As a state party, we have released a statement on this, and we are pushing to have our voices heard in the media.

If you would like to see their 2016 statements, you can find Thune’s here and Rounds’ statement here.

Today, I want to remind you all we have a short time to make a difference. Nov. 3 will be here before we know it. I was inspired to see several Biden/Harris bumper stickers and signs as I traveled. I am inspired to see so many of our local candidates doing lit drops and getting out to meet voters. Now, I’m asking you all to get involved.

Action items:

Volunteer for a local candidate. Volunteer to phone bank, do lit drops or donate dollars to help them get their message out. And put up a yard sign for your candidates. I’ll be working on a schedule with Tom Cool to have office hours at the candidate headquarters (1737 S Cleveland Avenue) and will send out the needs, soon.

Call senators Thune and Rounds. Remind them of their words in 2016 and call on them to hold off on approving a nominee.

Excuses you may hear:

  1. We can’t go into an election with only 8 justices. Bull, we did in 2016 and they had no issue with it.

  2. The people spoke in 2016. Bull, in 2018 the American people flipped the House and sent a message to Washington. Nationally and in key battleground states, Biden is polling 6 points higher than Trump. The American people need to be heard now, on Nov. 3 before a lifetime appointment is made.

Senator Thune  Sioux Falls office: (605) 334-9596  D.C. Office: (202) 224-2321 Toll Free: (866) 850-3855

Senator Rounds  Sioux Falls office: (605) 224-1450  D.C. Office: (202) 224-5842 Toll Free: (844) 875-5268

Promote U.S. Senate candidate Dan Ahlers. Rounds needs to go.  Remember, we have an opportunity to vote Dan Ahlers in as our next U.S. Senator and send Rounds packing. Talk about him, share his story, remind people of his work as a legislator in SD, contribute and share his social posts. Rounds only won with 50.4% of the vote in 2014. He has been plagued by corruption over the years and now, it doesn’t even seem like he wants the position. He won’t speak to the press about his flip-flop on the Supreme Court vote. He just hides.

Today, take a moment to take care of yourself and then prepare to work every day until Nov. 3. We need all of you to make a difference. If you want to volunteer, email and let me know the district you’re in. I’ll get you in contact with your district leaders.

Thanks to everyone that has been working to help candidates. This election is more important than any election in my lifetime. Truly. We must elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

Author Nikki Gronli is chair of the Minnehaha County Democratic Party

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